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Offices are a perfect place for pests and infestations to grow, contaminating canteens and cafeterias leading to an unpopular work environment. Confined in close quarters, it is easy for personnel to pass on infections and diseases through the air or surfaces like keyboards and table tops.



At IPM ,we provide solutions to inspect, manage and then monitor your pest problems. Through our proprietary Pest Sensitivity Index™ and in consultation with you a customized program is developed to provide a truly Intelligent Pest Management™ program using a combination of these unique state of the art technologies. This will not only stop your pest problem, it will create a better work environment for staff welfare and also prevent future re-infestations.

Also, with the increasing concerns about the indiscriminate, untargeted and uncontrolled application of pesticide indoors, we have developed truly eco-friendly solutions to take care of indoor air quality.

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