Termites destroy Rs 2.15 lakh in cash notes inside a bank locker in Udaipur

Termite damage currency

Posted By Rishabh Kapoor

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Termites damaged and destroyed cash notes worth Rs 2.15 lakh inside the locker of the Punjab National Bank (PNB) in Udaipur. When the woman arrived at the bank and saw the locker, she was taken aback.

The notes were completely ruined, so the locker’s owner, Sunita Mehta, protested to the authorities about the bank’s management.

She stated that it was the bank’s obligation to ensure the safety of the contents within the locker.


The things within the locker were allegedly damaged due to the bank’s negligence and lack of pest control. Termites may have infiltrated between 20 and 25 lockers.

According to Senior Manager Praveen Kumar Yadav, information concerning the damage was sent on to higher authorities, and the customer was summoned back to the bank to resolve the situation.

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