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Residential Services

Afraid about pests in your home? No longer should you be concerned. You’ve come to the ideal site to acquire comprehensive residential pest control services. Pests are filthy, pose a health risk, and damage your home and property. Even while you may avoid pests to some extent by maintaining your property and following excellent food hygiene, you may require the assistance of a pest control expert on occasion.

Pest control has come a long way over the years, so we can now use methods that are safe for you, your family, and your pets and are also good for the environment. At Indian Pest Management, we also use targeted pest control. We only use pesticides in places where pests live and breed, so we can use them as little as possible.

    Commercial Services

    Indian Pest Management (IPM) provides a comprehensive variety of pest management services that may be adapted to meet the specific requirements of any organisation. The pest control services we provide are for commercial sites such as businesses and warehouses as well as restaurants and hotels as well as clubs, taverns, schools and hospitals.

    The following are the methods we use for commercial pest control:

    • Extensive pest inspection;
    • The implementation of a customised commercial pest control strategy that complies to rigorous industry requirements;
    • Fully complied with and reported on;
    • Reduced business interruptions as a result of pest control;
    • To avoid contamination of the site, use safe and ecologically acceptable pest management procedures. (We provide an environmentally friendly pest control solution that is safe for children and pets!)

    General Pest Control Services

    Termite Control

    The Most Effective Solutions for Termite Control that are Odorless and Cutting-Edge Technology

    Rodent Control

    Best Rodent Pest Control Service possible through a Rapid & Safe that is effective and stress-free

    Cockroach Control

    We use modern odorless gel bait treatment techniques and odorless insecticides.

    Ants Control

    We use innovative odorless gel bait application or a dependable spray of pesticide emulsions

    Spider Control

    You may rely on the most current technology and procedures to rid your home of spider pests.

    Wood Borer Control

    In terms of wood borer, IPM is the finest. For the greatest outcomes, we employ injection-based work.

    Flies Control

    In order to control the flies in your house, we rely on modern treatments.

    Mosquito Control

    Indoor insect sprays or foggers kill mosquitoes and treat breeding grounds.

    Bed Bugs Control

    Bedbugs can spread quickly, so we use chemical pesticides to kill them.


    What's Included

    • 24/7 Quick Response
    • Money Back Guarantee
    • Eco Friendly Services
    • Affordable Price

    How it Works

    • Insecticide Spraying
    • Cold and thermal fogging
    • RTU Gel Bait
    • Drill-Fill-Seal

    What's to Expect

    • Satisfactory Service
    • Time Constraints
    • IPM Authenticity Guarantee
    • Neat and Clean Execution

    Our Pricing Plans

    The total cost of treating an infestation caused by pests is determined by a number of different elements, each of which has an individual impact.

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