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Mosquito Bite

Life cycle and biology

Mosquitoes are extremely poor fliers. Male mosquitoes do not bite because they do not have piercing mouthparts, but female mosquitoes do. Female mosquitoes feed on human blood in order to obtain protein for egg production. Approximately 100-300 eggs are laid by an adult. Even a single cup of water is enough to produce eggs by a female mosquito.

Some mosquitoes will even deposit and hatch their eggs in stagnant water left over from recent rain. The increase in temperature hastens the reproduction of mosquitoes.

Adult mosquitoes have a life span of less than two months and prefer to feed between the hours of dawn and dusk. Masked adult mosquitoes take refuge in dense vegetation or weeds, caverns, holes in the ground, hollow logs, or holes in trees, among other places.

What is it that attracts mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes locate their prey by smells and heat sensing. They locate us by detecting the carbon dioxide we breath and the odour of our sweat.

Here are a few common mosquito warning indicators

Mosquitos in Your Premise
There is little question that if you have mosquitoes in your home, they have already contaminated your yard. Mosquitoes may readily enter through any open door or window, so their presence is not reason for fear.

If you find them inside your home on a regular basis, though, you should take quick action to get them removed. You should be especially vigilant in the kitchen, as they are drawn to sweet items such as fruit.

Check for both bite marks and excessive scratching. They are highly active at night, making you an easy target when you are sleeping.


Mosquito Indicators
There are a lot of mosquitoes in the shade

The common house mosquito is at its most active during the night because exposure to the sun causes it to dehydrate. In spite of this, they will grow more active no matter what time of day it is if there are a sufficient number of them reproducing on your land. They still choose locations that are dark and cool, though, so you can find them most likely to congregate in places that have a lot of shade or lower lighting, such as a patio or a wooded area.

Buzzing Sound

It’s not true that all mosquitoes feed on human blood, and when they do, there’s a good reason for it. Female mosquitoes need on the protein and iron in the blood they gather to build their eggs, despite the fact that mosquitoes can subsist on nectar. Mosquitoes may lay up to 300 eggs at a time, and these eggs hatch in 48 hours. There are too many mosquitos around if you can always hear their unique buzzing sound.

Standing Water

However, standing water is where mosquitoes lay their eggs. Maintain vigilance, and remove any water that may be accumulating in your vicinity as soon as possible. Be cautious though, because certain mosquitoes lay their eggs in damp soil, and you’ll want to empty out the water before you do that. The eggs will begin to develop into larvae after the soil has been saturated.

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Why are mosquitoes such a threat?

It just takes one bite from a mosquito to cause serious problems. Malaria, Dengue, Chikungunya, Japanese Encephalitis, Zika Virus, and Yellow Fever are some of the life-threatening illnesses that can be transmitted by a mosquito bite. A mosquito bite can also cause filariasis.

On August 20 of each year, people all across the world celebrate World Mosquito Day. This day is celebrated in honour of Sir Ronald Ross, a physician by trade, who made the discovery in 1897 that female mosquitoes are responsible for transmitting malaria from humans to other people.

Mosquitoes take advantage of the ideal conditions during the monsoon season to reproduce and spread a wide variety of illnesses.

There are hundreds of different kinds of mosquitoes all over the world, but only a handful of them are dangerous to humans. Male mosquitoes get their sustenance from the nectar of flowers & female mosquitoes get their nutrition and reproductive needs from the blood of humans. They spread potentially lethal infectious pathogens that can result in life-threatening illnesses while they are feeding on human blood.

Mosquito Life Cycle
Mosquito Threat
What steps can you take to keep mosquitoes away from your home?

Mosquitoes are flying insects belonging to the Culicidae family of arthropods. Mosquitoes are more than an irritation; they are also transmitters for a variety of dangerous illnesses. Several methods for mosquito prevention include the following:

  • Water stagnation should be avoided, and any standing water near your property should be removed.
  • Overgrown vegetation should be avoided.
  • Protect the windows in your home that you open at night and in the morning.
  • When it comes to hiding places, mosquitoes like dark spaces such as behind chairs. To keep mosquitoes away from such hiding places, apply a natural repellent containing lemongrass oil.
  • Use mosquito-control devices that look like racquets.
  • Mosquitoes are repelled by the use of lemongrass oil diffusers in restrooms.

India’s Most Trusted Pest Control Company


Mosquito Control


INDIAN PEST MANAGEMENT (IPM) offers the greatest mosquito pest control service available through a rapid, safe, effective, and stress-free solution. To control mosquitoes in your house, we use modern treatments such as indoor residual spray, fogging, misting, and larviciding.
When it comes to dealing with mosquitoes, what can Indian Pest Management (IPM) do for you?

It is difficult to keep mosquitoes away permanently, and it is also not a one-time event. Mosquito management is a time-consuming task, and you may rely on our services to assist you in keeping mosquitoes under control.

Our staff works tirelessly to provide long-term solutions for your independence from mosquitoes that are both sustainable and affordable.

In order to assist you in getting rid of mosquitoes, we use scientific methods in our services. Before beginning our services, our highly trained and experienced personnel do a full inspection of your facilities.

To disrupt the mosquito’s life cycle, we employ a mix of treatments. We treat breeding areas to keep mosquito larvae in water from growing into biting, disease-carrying adult mosquitoes, which are harmful to humans and animals. In addition, we treat the breeding grounds for adult mosquitoes.
Our mosquito control services are timed during the times of day when mosquitoes are most active since this is the most effective approach of controlling these pests. We also connect with our clients in order to encourage them to prevent water stagnation, which is a breeding ground for female mosquitoes.

Technology for controlling mosquitoes via spraying

Individual homeowners should use the Indoor Residual Spray (IRS) in their residences, since it is safe and effective.

Mosquitoes are a widespread pest that may be efficiently controlled in a residential setting by utilising a community-based strategy.

INDIAN PEST MANAGEMENT (IPM) sprays a colourless and odourless pesticide on the walls to eliminate mosquitoes that are attracted to them. It is now possible to treat with pesticides that have a three-month residual impact thanks to improved formulations. Mosquitoes are killed by a pesticide’s residual impact for ninety days after it has been applied.

We’ve created a mosquito control approach based on thermal fogging.

Adult moquitoes are controlled outdoors via thermal fogging and aerial application of chemical insecticides. Adult mosquitoes flying in the air are killed when they come into touch with the pesticide in the hot-fog.

Thermal fogging generates dense fog clouds that are used to spray a chemical insecticide on insects.

Mosquitoes may be controlled via thermal fogging, which is one of the most effective methods.



Misting-based mosquito control solutions

In open or closed business environments, cold fogging or misting is an effective method of controlling flying adult mosquitoes. The specialised misting system used by INDIAN PEST MANAGEMENT (IPM) features spray nozzles positioned around the perimeter of a property, such as a lawn, or on portions of the home or fencing. A tube connects the spray nozzles to a supply of a water-based pesticide that kills mosquitoes on contact.

INDIAN PEST MANAGEMENT (IPM) is a pioneer in the use of cold fogging technique and employs high-end equipment and chemical pesticides for this purpose. No fuel or diesel is used in our cold fogging equipment, and the pesticide we employ, Aqua K-othrine, is water soluble. Cold fogs are a more effective and environmentally friendly method of mosquito control than heat fogs.

Our mosquito control strategy is focused on larviciding

In this treatment, the INDIAN PEST MANAGEMENT (IPM) team applies pesticide films on the surface of standing water near mosquito breeding places to prevent mosquitoes from reproducing. In addition to lowering the surface tension of the water, the pesticide film stops mosquito larvae and pupae from rising to the surface to breathe. Larviciding is an efficient method of containing mosquitoes because it prevents the development of adult mosquitoes.

To prevent mosquito breeding, we recommend that consumers fill up potholes or remove any containers containing standing water. The frequency of larviciding is advised to be once a month.

We sell mosquito traps that may be used in the home, in a restaurant, in a pharmaceutical unit, in a hospital, in an operating room, in a sweet shop, in the food sector, in a brewery, in a dairy, in a farmland, and in any other location where mosquitoes are a problem.

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