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Bed Bug



Bed Bug Infections

Bedbugs are tough to get rid of and require particular training and understanding in the topic to be efficient in treating the infestation. If you’re serious about getting rid of bed bugs once and for all, you should hire a professional. In order to efficiently deal with bedbugs, the sooner you can limit their population, the better.

The bed bug services provided by INDIAN PEST MANAGEMENT are more effective than those provided by other pest control organisations (PCOs) since our operators are trained to recognise the indicators of a bedbug infestation.

What can IPM do to assist you in dealing with cockroach?

Do you find that you have trouble sleeping at night? Bed insect infestations have been a reality for a significant number of India’s households at some point or another. Your family is exposed to a potential health danger, and on top of that, they are a major annoyance.
If you are looking for services that treat bed bugs in India, there is no need to seek any further. Indian Pest Management provides bed bug pest control services that are both effective and safe, and they will rid your home of all bed bugs. We have many years of expertise working in the pest control field, and our extermination services are well-known all throughout India because of their effectiveness.

Our licenced Indian bed bug exterminators are prepared to assist you in evicting these unwelcome visitors by utilising the most cutting-edge pest control technology that is now on the market.



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How can I tell whether my home is bedbug-infested?

These indications may assist you in identifying a bedbug infestation, albeit they may be confused with those of other insects that exhibit similar characteristics.
1. The excrement of bed bugs produces stains on clothing and other fabrics.
2. Moulting bedbugs lose their outer layer of skin, which serves as a sign of their existence.
3. Crushed bed bugs that have eaten on human blood have left blood traces.
Bedbugs are more likely to live in or on things made of wood, paper, or fabric, and less likely to live in or on things made of metal or plastic. People often hide in places that are less than six feet away from where they sleep or rest. They live in mattress seams, wood joints under the covers, the joints between bed frames, behind headboards, loose wallpaper, behind picture frames, and inside furniture. You can also find bed bugs in the furniture.

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Why are bed bugs such a threat?

In the absence of immediate treatment, bedbugs can cause a wide range of health problems. In order to protect yourself and your family’s health and well-being, it is imperative that you take action now. If you get an infection or have any other complications, make an appointment with your physician.

● Anaphylaxis, a life-threatening allergic response, has been reported in some persons after being bitten by bed bugs.

● Secondary infections such as impetigo, lymphangitis, and ecthyma can be caused by bed bug bites.

● People with a bed bug infestation typically suffer from systemic responses and a high degree of anxiety as a result of this influence on their mental health.

Bed Bug Frustration

Let's have a look at some more bed bug facts and trivia!

Bedbugs are tiny, oval-shaped, and reddish-brown in colour. The nymphs are smaller than 5 mm long and almost colourless, making identification exceedingly difficult.

Bedbugs have the ability to reproduce three or more generations every year. During their lifecycle, female bedbugs lay 200-500 eggs, generally two to five eggs every day, on rough surfaces such as wood or paper near their hosts’ sleeping or resting locations, or in a combination of the two.

If the eggs are kept at room temperature, these pests will hatch in 10 to 15 days if the eggs are protected with glue-like substance. Bed bug eggshells are notoriously difficult to remove from their nests after hatching.

The Lifecycle

Bedbugs go through five different nymphal stages. They require at least one blood meal before progressing to the next stage of development.

The life cycle of a bedbug from egg to adult takes around four months, depending on the temperature and availability of blood, which is their primary source of nutrition. Temperature increases have a direct effect on the growth of bed bugs.

Bed bugs may survive without food for anywhere from 20 to 400 days, depending on the temperature and humidity. Bed bug nymphs in their older stages may live for longer periods of time without food than their younger counterparts, and adults can survive without food for more than 400 days in a laboratory environment at low temperatures. Adult bed bugs may live for up to a year or more in their natural environment.

What Is It That Attracts Bed Bugs?

You breathe heat and carbon monoxide into the air, which draws bed bugs to you, As the bed bugs move around, their senses help them find the blood vessels that are close to where the skin meets the bed.

How do bed bugs get into our homes?

There is no connection between being messy and having bed bugs. Bed bugs can also be found in clean hotel beds because they might have been brought there by people who were travelling.

If someone brings infested clothes or bedding or furniture or luggage into their home, they may have bed bugs. People can also get bed bugs at the movies or on buses and trains.

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Bed Bug Control


Insecticide-based spray for bedbug control

Indian Pest Management’s (IPM) trained team thoroughly checks your home for eggs, and if they’re found, we crush and get rid of them. As a last step, we treat all the places where bed bugs might hide in your home. This way, we have the best chance of getting rid of bed bugs from your house.

Bedbugs can spread quickly, so we use chemical pesticides to kill them. We use them on baseboards, floor-to-wall joints, tack strips under carpet, electrical outlets and switches and cracks in the walls and floors.

Our bed bug treatments are classified into two types:

A single treatment consists of two sessions and comes with an eight-month guarantee.

Treatment of three services by an AMC in a calendar year.“As part of our Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for bed bug treatment, we come to our clients’ homes three times a year to inspect the situation.

With Indian Pest Management (IPM), we place the highest value on our clients’ satisfaction. As a result, we provide an eight-month guarantee as well as free follow-up visits to verify that your problem is completely cured.

What can you do to protect your home against beg bugs?

It’s no secret that living with bed bugs is a nightmare. These opportunistic bugs conceal near to humans in order to sneak out and take blood without the host’s knowledge. The bitten individual is not aware of the discomfort because the bed bug injects saliva to numb the place it bites. There are a few things you can do to keep these pests out of your house:

  • Before bringing any used furniture into your house, make sure to thoroughly inspect it for bedbugs.
  • Bed bugs should be checked for on a regular basis in your house.
  • After returning home from a trip, keep your luggage away from your bed.
  • Changing or cleaning your bed linens on a regular basis will help to uncover a bed insect infestation.
  • Remove all of the unnecessary items from your home.

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