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Our professional team will check your property. Our specialist will determine the type of Ant infesting your property, what caused it and other variables.

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Our highly trained staff is here to assist you in finding the most efficient Ant control solutions that are specifically designed to meet your needs.

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Our devoted customer service team will handle your inquiries and concerns, as well as our Grievance Redressal Policy, Service Warranty.

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Ant Control



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INDIAN PEST MANAGEMENT (IPM) offers the greatest ant pest control service available through a rapid, safe, effective, and stress-free solution. To control ants in your house, we use innovative odourless gel bait application or a dependable spray of pesticide emulsions.

What can IPM do to assist you in dealing with Ant?

It’s essential to hire a professional pest control agency to deal with an ant infestation and prevent it from happening again, even if there are a wide range of DIY products available.

Our professionals are well-versed in the habits of various species of ants and can handle ant control in a discrete and focused manner. IPM ant control options are available to both household and commercial as well as industrial sector. Many people seek the services of a pest control professional when small problems escalate into major ones.

Following the identification of the ant species by our knowledgeable support staff, they will provide you with the most effective methods for dealing with the problem. When it comes to protecting your family and pets, this gives you a sense of security that the situation is under control.



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How can you determine whether there is a ant infestation?

Everyone dreads ant infestations. It is unfortunate that they are so prevalent in India. An ant here and there is a common sighting, whether it be on your yard or in your home on the windowsill. Is there a way to tell if you’ve been infested? It’s common knowledge that even a few ants in your house can signal the beginning of a greater problem. The presence of ant trails, nests, and wood shavings indicates a more significant infestation. Contact Indian Pest Management at +91 9897206206 as soon as you see any ant activity. All year long, we can help you maintain your home ant-free by identifying the indicators of an infestation.

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Ants may cause a lot of problems in your home!

Ants are a big problem at home because they spread germs to food. Bacteria spreads when ants crawl across countertops and into pantries. This is because ants have bacteria on them. It’s bad to find an ant in your pantry or in your house, but there are only a few types of ants that can spread diseases. Few types of ants, like carpenter and fire ants, tunnel through wooden beams to get food. This can cause damage. Fire ants have venom in their stings, which can hurt and cause allergic reactions in people who are more sensitive. They build colonies near wooden frames or in cracks and crevices. When the ant colony grows, it can look bad in places where people work.

Ant Problem
Let's continue our exploration of ant facts and trivia!

When dinosaurs roamed the earth, ants were already here. They have survived extinction and have been around for a long time now. Ants are the descendants of wasps and there are more than 13,000 species of them around the world. Ants are found all over the world, except for Antarctica, the high Arctic zones, and a few small islands. They are also found on every continent except Antarctica.

Ants, despite the fact that they are small organisms with little minds, are extremely effective because they are masters of cooperation. Ants live in colonies, each of which has a king, a queen, and a number of workers. Workers are wingless females who gather food, feed larvae, and care for the nest by keeping it clean and defending it against predators. Some ant colonies contain a single queen, however others may have numerous queens in a single colony, depending on the species. Ant colony sizes vary from species to species, yet one ant colony might contain millions of members!

1. How do ants interact with one another?

These insects are eusocial in nature and live in groups where they care for one another and interact with each other through the release of pheromones or chemical signals.

2. India and Ants

There are over 800 species of the little black ants called Monomorium minimum, the fire ants called Solenopsis invictus, the crazy ants called Paratrechina longicornis, the smelly house ants called Tapinoma sessile, the carpenter ant called Camponotus compressus, the pharaoh’s ants called Monomorium Pharaonis and the Argentinan ants called Linepithema spp.

In nature, ants are important because they break down food. When they get into your kitchen, home, or business, they become unpleasant and need to be controlled. The best way to get rid of ants is to know what they do.

The ants we see most often are in and around our kitchen. They love to eat what humans eat, which is why we see them there the most.

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Ant Control


Our odourless spray-based ant control method

Effective treatment of ants with spray-based solutions is only possible if you find and treat the colony. The ants you find at your home may be foragers. Spraying pesticides only on foragers doesn’t work, because the ants from the nest will replace the ones you kill with ants from their own nest. Getting rid of an ant nest and spraying pesticides on it can kill the entire colony. For more long-term results, we look for an ant nest.

Our gel-based ant control solution

Additionally, if the ant infestation is severe, we employ gel-bait. The ant gel includes Imidacloprid 0.03 percent, a syrupy-liquid that ants typically seen infesting dwellings rapidly eat.

How effective is our ant-gel in eradicating an ant infestation?

Ant gel is a pesticide bait that invites worker ants to swallow it and store it in their bodies until they return to their nest. When worker ants return to their nests, they regurgitate the food they have consumed and distribute it to the rest of the colony. The ant-gel has the effect of ‘colony elimination’ because workers that carried it in from outside the nest distribute it with all members of the colony, resulting in the colony’s extinction.

We employ an ant gel that is highly effective against a wide range of ant species while being highly unique to ants. Because the ant-gel we utilise is a translucent, thick, syrup-like liquid, our treatment is undetectable by the naked eye. An ant-gel application takes only a few minutes and has a long shelf life in terms of ant palatability. A very small amount of ant-gel is required for the rapid removal of an ant infestation, and this dose is sufficient.

What steps can you take to keep ants out of your beautiful home?

You may limit the presence of ants in your house by following the easy steps described below:

  • Remove any leftover food or beverage spills immediately to avoid attracting ants.
  • When keeping food, make sure the containers are airtight to prevent ants from getting access to it.
  • Cracks and cervixes should be sealed to create a barrier against the ants.
  • Make a habit of emptying the trash cans in your home.
  • Pets’ leftover food should be cleaned up.

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